École In Vino Veritas

Welcome to our wine school ! Bienvenue à l'École In Vino Veritas !

Chaque palais est unique, let's build your palate!


Nos cours sur les vins, our WSET Wine courses

Every month starts new WSET Level 1, Level 2 and WSET Level 3 wine courses

À tous les mois à l'École In Vino Veritas débutent de nouveaux cours WSET de niveau 1, niveau 2 et de niveau 3

At the heart of the ultimate Butler course: the Finest Wine training program

IMBA, the International Montreal Butler Academy offers the ultimate training program for the XXIst Century Service professional aiming at mastering the highest professional standards. The IMBA program incorporates an exclusive world class bespoke wine program enriched with Cellar management techniques and the possibility of tasting rare grape varieties, classic vintages and the finest First Growths wines.


In Vino Veritas wine Business school fulfills marketing and distribution analysis mandates for the wine & spirit industry.